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Lisa Romero
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Lisa Romero

What I teach

classical voice
musical theater voice
pop, rock, jazz voice

I accept children as students.


Please contact me for this information.

My bio

FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/romerovoice

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/romerovoice

BLOGGER: http://romerovoice.blogspot.com

I received my Doctorate in Voice Performance from the University of Michigan, and Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Voice from Boston University. I have numerous years of teaching and performing experience throughout the U.S. and in Europe. I have taught at the University of Florida, at Utah State University and as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Michigan. I enjoy teaching a variety of musical styles including classical, musical theater, jazz, and pop (rock, R & B, etc.).

I am patient, compassionate, fun to work with, and I believe that anyone, regardless of age or musical background, can learn to improve their singing, and thereby their enjoyment of musical expression. I also believe that learning to sing can increase one's self-esteem, as well as one's understanding on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level.


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