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Pamela Oller
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Pamela Oller

What I teach

music theory
music appreciation

I accept children as students.


$80.00/month 4---half hour lessons/month No refunds for missed lessons.

My bio

I have been teaching music since I was a teen-ager. I continued to teach piano and accompany vocal and instrumental students while I attended Central Bible College in Springfield, MO as a music major. I majored in piano performance and church music. I graduated in 1981. After I married, I continued to teach music in Kansas and then in Arizona. I enjoy teaching students as young as 4 and adults at any age. I love to teach many different styles such as classical, jazz, improvisation, and contemporary worship styles for church. I still love to perform as much as the children do when we have recital opportunities. It is my pleasure to know that many of my students (past and present) are involved with music in their schools and churches. I believe that everyone should learn music. Yes...some are naturally talented and will progress quickly. Others will still learn but at a slower pace. But all will enjoy life more because of music.


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