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Nicole Desson
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Nicole Desson

What I teach

musical theater voice
classical voice
electric piano
sight singing
ear training
music theory

I accept children as students.


$25 per 30 minute weekly lesson

My bio

I have been teaching vocal and piano music for more than ten years. I love (and teach) all styles of music from classical to musical theater and jazz to pop and rock. I believe that music should be a joy to learn, but that you can't substitute fun for learning. I try very hard to balance having fun in class with having a good grasp of the underlying concepts of music. I teach from both the RCM classical syllabus and the CC contemporary idiom syllabus. I have a B.A. in music from Concordia University College of Alberta and my RCM Grade 8 voice and Grade 7 piano.


I teach both beginners and advanced students. I offer a reduced rate for the first 8 weeks of lessons, which allows students and parents to ensure that what I offer is what they're looking for. I like my voice students to have some piano or other instrumental background, but I don't demand it. I prefer vocal students to be at least 10, but I have made exceptions in the past.

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