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Joshua Minzner
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Joshua Minzner

What I teach

sight singing
ear training
music theory
music software
music production
music appreciation
marching band conducting

I accept children as students.


$20 for 40 mins.

My bio

I am currently a freshman at Kean University pursuing a degree in music education. I study trumpet with orchestral player and concert artist Charles Bumcrot who is the Principal/Solo trumpet with Orchestra New England. I believe in inspiring young players by making the trumpet fun and exciting. I teach creating a free and beautiful sound on the trumpet, lowering the work effort of playing, creating a well-rounded technique, and fostering a student's growth as a musician, not only a trumpet player. I believe, above all else, in making beautiful music.

I also offer lessons in music theory (I am currently taking my fourth and final semester of music theory having placed out of the first three,) as well as conducting (I have experience conducting in both a choral and instrumental setting,) marching band conducting (I served as Drum Major my senior year of high school and attended Drum Major academy shortly before then,) and music notation software (I compose music using both the Sibelius and Finale software platforms.)

All-in-all, if you're looking to learn a lot about music and have lot's of fun at an affordable price, you've found your private teacher! I am more than happy to teach those who have never picked up an instrument before and am comfortable teaching those at the elementary-high school level. I am willing to drive to a student's house to teach and also willing to negotiate free lessons as a "trial run."

Hope to see you soon!

- Josh


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Pittstown, NJ

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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