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Kyle Lewis
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Kyle Lewis

What I teach

music theory

I accept children as students.


$35/hr and $20/half hr

My bio

I have a Bachelor's of Music Education from the University of Oregon. I studied classical music at an early age, but later found a love for jazz and gospel music. I accompanied two gospel choirs in Eugene and continue to play piano and lead worship for churches in Gresham. I have six years of public school music teaching experience and over 20 years experience teaching beginning piano and improvisational techniques for worship keyboardists. I recently spent four years in France training musicians for church music.

My other passion is helping people get their heads around music theory concepts, whether for composition, arranging or just to have a deeper understanding of the music they're playing.

I like to keep lessons fun and varied. Even if we are working on basic piano skills (note reading, rhythm, etc.) I like incorporating improvisational techniques, as well. This make it fun for the students and gives them some skills for playing away from the written page.


People ask me what is a good age to start piano lessons. My experience has been that kids kindergarten age and younger have a very limited attention span, while first grade on up are able to sit through a half hour lesson with little or no problem. I work with all ages, but would prefer ages six on up.

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