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Katarina  Schwarz
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Katarina Schwarz

What I teach

sight singing
ear training
music theory


My bio

Hi, My name is Katarina Schwarz. I go by Kat. I've grown up in Canandaigua, NY, and I currently go to school in Bowling Green, OH. I am in my first year at Bowling Green State University at the College of Musical Arts. I currently study under Nina Assimakopoulos (nassima@bgsu,edu), and I currently teach lessons at the College of Musical Arts. I graduated Canandaigua Academy in 2009. I studied flute at Eastman Community School of Music with Jan Angus of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. This past year I participated in the Rochester Flute Association Flute Competition, and the Bowling Green State University Concerto Competition.


For Flute:

I teach beginner to intermediate flute. (K-10)

For Theory:

I teach beginner theory to all ages. Special help with theory entrance exams to college.


Lessons are $15 per half hour and $25 per hour. Extra $5 charge if you would like lessons in your home versus coming to my residence.

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