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Johnny Guest
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Johnny Guest

What I teach

pop, rock, jazz voice
ear training
music theory
digital recording
music technology
music software
music production
music appreciation
electric guitar
bass guitar
fingerstyle acoustic guitar
acoustic guitar

I accept children as students.


$20 per 1/2 hour lesson.

My bio

As a teacher, I focus on presenting information to each student in the manner they require to be successful. Each student learns a little differently, and can blossom and achieve their goals with just the right guidance.

Fundamentals of music are the foundation everyone needs, but discovering music theory as it applies to your favorite songs is a great adventure.

As a performer, I write and record originals songs, have played in MANY bands, and have lead worship in several churches in the Midland area.




I enjoy teaching students of all abilities. I've worked with people from every musical background, age, and style.

The perfect starting age is usually around 8 years old, although some younger students with DRIVE can do just fine. My adult students work on hand skills until they have the flexibility and hand positioning habits required to play their preferred style of music.

If you're on the fence about guitar lessons, think of how much you enjoy music. Think of your favorite song right now, and imagine knowing how to recreate it where ever you go!

Want free lessons?! Sure!!! Participate in my Refer-A-Friend Program! Refer a friend to sign up, if they sign up on my monthly program, you'll get a month of lessons FREE.

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