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Jim Skaleski
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Jim Skaleski

What I teach

sight singing
ear training
music theory
music appreciation
marching band conducting

I accept children as students.


$20/half hour, $30 hour

My bio


I am currently in the process of writing a clarinet method geared primarily towards middle school level clarinetists.

In addition to my own written materials, students typically will work with the following method books that are assigned at my discretion after the first few lessons:

-Assigned band method book, if in their first year of playing their instrument

-Rubank Clarinet Method - Intermediate, Advanced I and II (Skornicka, Miller, Voxman)

-Velocity Studies (Opperman)

-Contemporary Chordal Sequences (Opperman)

My kudos

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My testimonials

We highly recommend Jim Skaleski as a private clarinet teacher. Our middle-school aged daughter really enjoys having him as a teacher - — Julia L.

cont'd.. she says he makes music fun and always has something new for you to try. She feels he has gotten her far in her music career - her — Julia L.

cont'd... words :). My husband and I feel very comfortable with Jim. He has really challenged her without being too pushy or strict. He — Julia L.

cont'd... has made her a much better clarinet player. — Julia L.

My contact info

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DeForest, WI

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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