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Jared Asay
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Jared Asay

What I teach

ear training
music theory
electric guitar
bass guitar
fingerstyle acoustic guitar
acoustic guitar

I accept children as students.


$25 per lesson, or I will come to you for $30.

My bio

The moment I heard The Beatles, I knew I had to be able to play those songs! So I got my parents to buy me a cheap little acoustic guitar and I've never stopped playing. I've taught guitar lessons to people ranging from ages 8 to 50, and I teach a variety of styles including Rock, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk, Fingerstyle, and Classical - all in either acoustic or electric. Since the principles are the same, I can also teach bass guitar :)

Aside from teaching experience, I've also been in about a dozen bands, I've toured, and I've also recorded in a studio on several occasions.

My teaching emphasizes finger dexterity at first, but almost right away it will then emphasize the most important lesson of all, which is the ability to play by ear. Everything else comes together after being able to pick out tunes just by listening to them.


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Las Vegas, NV

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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