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Carol Brobst
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Carol Brobst

What I teach


I accept children as students.


$55/hr or $27.50/half hour

My bio

Carol offers lessons in violin and viola at all levels as well as beginning harp. She is also available to coach string chamber music and give demonstrations of violin-making.

"My mission is to provide a mentoring environment for all motivated students to enable them to realize their musical dreams from the simple joy of creating a pleasing sound to obtaining a career in music."

Carol Brobst has enjoyed a long career both as a modern and baroque violinist. She spent 13 years as a violinist in the Richmond Symphony Orchestra (Virginia, USA) and as a recitalist in that town. In 1999, she moved to Washington D.C. to join its vibrant historical performance community, and to spend her full energies on the baroque violin and viola. She has since performed with Washington's premiere baroque ensembles, including the Opera Lafayette, Washington Bach Consort, the Bach Sinfonia, Modern Musick, and the Orchestra of the 17th Century. As a soloist, she has played in several chamber groups including the Washington Baroque Trio and Stylus Luxurians. She received her baroque training from Simon Standage, Jaap ter Linden, and Elizabeth Wallfisch.

Her teaching experience goes back 30 years and she has been teaching continuously since then. In 1994, Carol moved to Richmond, Virginia and began operating a full time studio called the Village Academy of Music. To round out the musical environment for families of students, she invited a variety of instrumental and vocal teachers to share the teaching space. The studio presented solo and chamber recitals throughout the year and became the home of the Richmond Summer Music Exploration Institute, a two week long intensive study program for aspiring music students.

In 2001, Carol took a public school position as an elementary string teacher. She gave many youngsters their first exposure to the joys and trials of playing a stringed instrument and also co-directed the school system's youth orchestra program. The difficulties of scheduling classes and problems with consistency in teaching the students led her to go back to full time private teaching where she felt she could get maximum results from her students.

Testimonials: From parents:

"After the first lesson, A.... talked about you all the way home. She was so happy with her performance. She talked about how she wish her teacher would talk to them like you talked to her. You were so encouraging and patient. I saw a spark in her that I've never seen before towards her violin...Thank you so very much for working with her. Your tutoring her will take her a long ways as she plans to continue to play in college....I am looking for A.... to be your student for a very long time."

"We wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for teaching M.... violin. Our experience with you as his teacher has been quite positive. We count it a blessing to have met you and had the privelege of your instructing our son."

"Thank you for including E.... in your program at the mall. She had a really good time. You have been an excellent teacher for her. We are really glad we found you !"

"We appreciate what you are giving to our children."

From students:

"I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and time you've dedicated to teaching me. You've gotten me through a lot of auditions and solo pieces ! I appreciate everything you've done for me these past couple years and really enjoyed our time together. Thank you for all you've done, it's been a pleasure." High school senior

"I'm so glad that I am having you as a teacher. I think I have learned alot and (am) anxious to learn more." Age 10

"Thank you for teaching me how to play the violin and the viola ! You are a great teacher !" Age 10

"Thank you for helping me understand music. I'm going to continue the violin. Thank you again." Age 7

"I've had a fun time with you. I think I'm improving. You are not just a plane (sic) old violin teacher, you're a special one." Age 9

"Thank you so much for your instruction and patience."

Adult student

"To Carol: Great violin teacher-I mean it-You are the best" Age 6

"We wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our lessons with you. Thank you for the many hours you spent teaching us as we first started out. You were a wonderful teacher and we'll miss you !" Sisters ages 12 and 14


Regular Rates:

$30.00 per half hour lesson paid singly

$45.00 per 45 minute lesson paid singly

$60.00 per hour lesson paid singly

Payment accepted: checks or cash. Lessons are scheduled individually on an available basis.

Discounted Rates:

$27.50 per half hour lesson paid monthly

$38.75 per 45 minute lesson paid monthly

$55.00 per hour lesson paid monthly

Payment accepted: PayPal online payment ONLY-students are billed by email every four weeks. Monthly payment plan reserves fixed lesson time. Signed contract required.

Group Rates: Chamber music coaching sessions included free. Non-studio students pay $20.00 per hour coaching session.

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