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Benjamin Healy
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Benjamin Healy

What I teach


I accept children as students.


$60 for 45 min.; $75 for an hour

My bio

Benjamin Healy has embraced a variety of musical opportunities ranging from performing in New York clubs and restaurants to serving as Music Director for the off-Broadway show A Stoop On Orchard Street, working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and teaching hundreds of private lessons. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota where he began studying piano at age five, Ben developed an interest in the ragtime music of Scott Joplin, which eventually inspired him to study jazz. He performed with various groups in the Twin Cities and Duluth including his own quintet at St. Paul’s premiere jazz club, Dakota Bar & Grill. Ben graduated at the top of his class from the New School University Jazz & Contemporary Music Program where he studied with Mike LeDonne, Armen Donelian, Gary Dial & Hal Galper. Ben has performed at some of New York’s top clubs and restaurants including Birdland, The Garage, Swing 46, Sardi's, Cornelia St. Café, The Bitter End, Triad, Detour, Mercury Lounge, The Blue Water Grill, Flute, and Red Eye Grill.


Benjamin’s Approach to Teaching:

Benjamin’s lessons are non-competitive, classical and jazz inspired, private piano lessons, which include theory, composition, improvisation, sight-reading, ear training, sight-singing, and performance.

Benjamin’s approach is based on the following principles:

Each student learns differently and has different skills. Therefore, Benjamin believes that it is the teacher’s responsibility to understand the student, not the other way around.

Each student possesses different interests, usually coinciding with the student’s skills. By discovering the element of music at which the student is most skillful, Benjamin can present each brand of music as it relates to that student’s forté, developing confidence and enthusiasm.

Most importantly, learning has to be fun, as fun cultivates learning.

Benjamin relies on these principles to foster his students’ desire to study piano year after year.

Benjamin’s Approach to Practicing:

Just as lessons should be individualized, practice schedules should suit the student’s needs and personality. Please arrange a time for a conference call should you wish to discuss your child’s practice.

Benjamin has a list of ideas, available upon request, which you can implement throughout the year to inspire the student, augmenting a positive relationship with music.

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