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Adam LeGrave
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Adam LeGrave

What I teach

music theory
drum set
mallet percussion
orchestral percussion
rudimental percussion

I accept children as students.


$15 per lesson

My bio


I'm in my third year at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, going for a degree in Music Education and Jazz Studies (Percussion)

I've studied percussion under Cheryl Grosso.

I've studied Drumset under Danny Lueck, Jason Kruk.


I teach private lessons on Percussion (including latin percussion) and drumset! Each lesson is one on one and highly personalized.

Percussion lessons can consist of:

- Marimba

- Vibraphone

- Concert snare

- Timpani

- Latin Percussion

- Auxiliary Percussion and 'toys'

Drumset lessons can consist of:

- Rock

- Afro-cuban

- Brazilian

- Jazz

- Funk

- Hip-hop

- Gospel

- Polka

- You name it!


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Green Bay, WI

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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