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Gina Seashore
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Gina Seashore

What I teach

music theory
music appreciation

I accept children as students.


Depends on length of lessons/number of lessons per month. Avg. $30/half hour.

My bio

Gina Seashore is a community music leader and teacher. Her work includes teaching piano and songwriting classes, being a church music director, vocal coaching, leading community "sings", musical directing for community theater productions, facilitating a hand-drumming and percussion group and accompanying various community groups and schools. Past highlights include creating "Keyboard Kamp for Kids", singing and playing keyboards in an all-original-music rock band in Seattle and accompanying one of the Cuban national choirs on a trip to Havana. Her most recent ventures include programming the carillon at Balboa Park in San Diego, creating an "Around the World With Music" program for elementary school students and founding the "Sunshine Club", a group of students whose mission is to brighten the lives of others through music. She is currently working on a Master's degree in Community Music Leadership. Gina enjoys working with people of all ages to share the gift of music.


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Ramona, CA

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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