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Rob Reese
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Rob Reese

What I teach

ear training
music theory
electric guitar
bass guitar
acoustic guitar

I accept children as students.



My bio

Hi, I'm Rob Reese, the one who will teach you to not only shred, but to compose pieces, pick apart the structure of songs, chords, scales and modes, and teach the discipline of music that will last a lifetime! My inspiration started as a young kid when i would pick up my moms old classical guitar. My school didn't have guitar, so i decided i wanted to play the trumpet, starting in 4th grade. I absolutely loved it and after about 2-4 hours a day of practicing for 2 years, I became very proficient in the art of classical trumpet. I was 1st trumpet all throughout middle school and high school. In 7th grade I had an experience of where i never knew anything about guitar. I went to a friends house and picked up his electric. He said, "man, you stink!" So I asked for a guitar for Christmas. Those 3 words were my drive to be the greatest guitarist in the world ( I still have a long way to go! ) But since 7th grade, i played my guitar 4-6 hours a day. Being classically trained on trumpet, i used that discipline to better myself in every way i could. I took some lessons from private instructors, but my real growth happened when i took jazz lessons from a West Chester University graduate at the Paul Green School of Rock. I also joined a band as a teenager and we were together for about 3 years. I have played shows in front of as many as 5000 people, lots of experience with recording, and now I help with the digital media and play lead guitar at Victory Church Theater Campus. I have now been playing guitar for 14 years, and I am a private instructor out of Lititz Academy of Music, Linden Hall School For Girls and Manheim Chrisitan Day School.


-I take all ages of students, my youngest right now is 5.

-I can teach beginner level to advanced.

-I do require you purchase a blank "guitar manuscript"


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