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Olga Lewis
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Olga Lewis

What I teach

electric piano
jazz piano
classical voice
musical theater voice
pop, rock, jazz voice

I accept children as students.


$28 for 30 minutes (young children only), $41 per 45 minutes; $54 per hour

My bio

Olga tailors each student’s program to meet their personal goals and abilities within a basic teaching structure that emphasizes the following approaches:

-Fun, low-stress environment

-Learning to sing or play piano should be a positive experience that encourages the student to excel.

-A full musical education

Students will learn to perform, but also get a good grounding in musical theory, sight-reading and ear-training skills.

-Building a repertoire

Students will be challenged to learn a diverse musical repertoire. They will master selections of classical, jazz, pop and folk genres over time. This allows each student to fully engage and enjoy the learning process.


Students will participate two recitals each year, in Winter and Spring.

Public performance to show personal progress is a strong motivator for each student to improve through practice.


Masters Degree in Music

A.V. Nezhdanova State Conservatory of Music

Odessa, Ukraine

Graduate with Distinction

State Music College of Mikolayev

Mikolayev, Ukraine


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