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Natalia Bortolotti
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Natalia Bortolotti

What I teach

pop, rock, jazz voice
digital recording
music technology
music software
music production
music appreciation

I accept children as students.



My bio

Natalia Bortolotti is a critically acclaimed, award-winning, singer and songwriter, who has garnered awards from such industry giants as VH1, Billboard, California Music Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards and the John Lennon Song Contest. She studied her craft at Berklee College of Music, earning a Master Certificate in Songwriting and Music Business. Natalia currently has a co-publishing deal with Warner/Chappell, one of the world's leading music publishers.

Performing as both a solo artist and in bands, she has toured with many chart-topping artists, including Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox Twenty, Sheryl Crow, Third Eye Blind and Train. Natalia's music is regularly featured in film and television, including numerous feature films, ABC, CBS, FOX, Lifetime, TNT, MTV, VH1, CW and WB networks.

Most days, you'll find Natalia in the recording studio, writing and recording songs with her regular collaborator, J. Scott "Scotty" Smith. Together, they've founded Hit Song Central, a songwriting, production and publishing company which specializes in songs for Film, TV and Artist Placement. You can also find her performing either solo or in bands, including her two Power-Pop bands, 9 Red Sun and The Good Evil, her Acoustic Pop-Harmony band, Waterproof Souls, and her new Electronica project, Moxee.

Natalia is also a music educator. She has taught Voice, Songwriting, Music Business and Performing Skills at Blue Bear School of Music, Paul Green School of Rock, Power Chord Academy and Grammy Camp. She currently teaches aspiring singers and songwriters at her home studio in Foster City (San Francisco Bay Area). She also hosts workshops on hit songwriting.

She is a member of NARAS (the Grammy's) and is honored to have been a panelist for the Grammy Foundation. Natalia is also a member of ASCAP, West Coast Songwriters and Songsalive.


I can offer you more than your typical voice teacher. I have a professional home recording studio and can produce your vocal demo (details below). I can also help you with your career, with everything from Voice to Songwriting to Music Business to Performing Skills. Whatever you need; to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

A little about my approach to Voice Training:

My specialty is pop and rock, but I can help train your voice for any style of singing. I use instrumentals (professionally recorded karaoke instrumentals) as a tool for practice and performance, so you can perform your favorite songs exactly as you are used to hearing them.

You will learn:

Relaxation exercises

Breathing exercises

Vocal exercises (including vowel sound exercises

How to control your voice

How to sing on pitch and develop your ear

Emotional dynamics (pacing of the drama and dynamics of a song)

How to sing softly with clarity and power

How to increase volume without straining

How to sing high notes with confidence

How to balance the sound between higher and lower registers

How to move easily from one register to another

Microphone technique

How to overcome performance anxiety

Most importantly, you'll be having fun, while learning a skill that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment!

Also, when you're ready, we can record your vocal demo. We can either use the instrumental of your favorite songs (for covers), or you can play guitar or keys (if you're a songwriter), to record your originals. I will coach you for the recording and engineer/produce your demo in my professional home recording studio. You will then have a CD demo and MP3's to use in any way you'd like. You can use it to promote yourself, post on your website, make copies for friends (and new fans!), etc. This is included at no extra cost!

I teach Tuesday-Thursday, 2-9pm, at my home studio in Foster City. $50/hr. Go to my Contact page at http://www.musicbynatalia.com/contact and click on the Schedulicity link to schedule a lesson.

Looking forward to working with you!


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