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Marsha Keller
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Marsha Keller

What I teach

ear training
music theory
music appreciation
classical voice
musical theater voice
pop, rock, jazz voice

I accept children as students.


$100 a month for a 25 minute a week lesson. $130 month for a 40 minute a week

My bio


Piano: I believe that everyone can learn to play. Music is for enjoyment first, beauty second, and performance if desired. Not everyone will be proficient. Some will struggle, but with desire and practice, everyone can reach the level that they wish to reach. It is all up to you. I believe in knowing the WHY, of musicianship, so theory and reading, scale work and classical experience is stressed. I also believe that a student does best if they are motivated and enjoy what they are doing, so I do work with each student as an individual to meet their own goals.

Voice: I teach singing, presentation, breath control, vocal exercises and diction. I do not teach voice that will strain young vocal chords or damage developing ones. My combined Voice/ Piano lessons include popular, Italian and Art Song as well as vocal techniques for improving performance and control.


If you register in the month of January, you receive 10% off your first TWO months!

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