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Charles Marvray
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Charles Marvray

What I teach

music theory
ear training
sight singing
drum set
mallet percussion
orchestral percussion
rudimental percussion

I accept children as students.


$50/Half-Hour ... $65/Hour

My bio


This talented and gifted Musician was born and reared by his loving parents of Charles (deceased...) & Gilda Marvray, in the City of Five Flags / Pensacola, Fl. After more than twenty some-odd years of being stationed in the Washington, DC area, both as a Marine Musician/Adjunct Music Professor and Professional Drummer....

Charles and his loving/supportive wife Deborah now reside in the Atlanta/Stockbridge, GA area. Empty-nesters now, they have six children and four adorable grandchildren.

An extensive reputation and background as a Musical Drummer, that began with gathering and honing rudimental skills in Junior and Senior High School Marching Bands, as well as in more demanding Drum & Bugle Corps settings in Pensacola and in New Orleans, LA. Even as his rhythmical interest was focused on the high level dexterity and execution of Drum Corps Drumming, he was lured by the music of Ramsey Lewis/Chicago/Blood Sweat & Tears/Sly Stone and others, he jumped into the world of drum set while in High School, performing in local churches and Jazz/Pop ensembles.

His most notable growth in music, came as he became a U.S. Marine and subsequently a performing member of the highly acclaimed military unit "The Commandants Own", U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, located at historic Marine Barracks at 8th & I, S.E. Washington, DC. While quickly moving up the ranks and then as Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Charles attained great success as the first African American to become Percussion Composer/Arranger and Section Head of the Commandants Own; First African American to become Percussion Department Head at the highly touted Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek, VA, and to instruct on of the Nations most prestigious Military Academy, "The U.S. Naval Academy" Drumline Composer/Arranger, located in Annapolis, MD. Eventually he was awarded the "Navy Achievement Medal" for his outstanding leadership and in his creative compositional and arranging skills in Marching Percussion - the Gunny was also the first to field Jazz/Fusion drumming in modern Drum Corps Military Drumlines - Charles arranged and fielded a challenging composition of "Chick Corea" and "Dave Weckl's "Got A Match"... and scared the entire field Marching community half-to-death with such daring boldness... Civilian and Military!

Upon leaving the Corps in 1991, Charles went on to teach and develop the percussion curriculum for Jazz Drumming at The George Washington University in downtown Washington, DC, as well as performing with the local Jazz/Fusion group "STICKMAN", renowned Gospel and Contemporary Liturgical Music Composer,Leon C. Roberts & "Roberts Revival" and the Gospel/Jazz group "Sacred Groove".

In establishing himself within the ATL based musical community, Charles has worked with and continues to perform with some of Atlanta's finest ... Electric Bassist Tony (TC) Cunningham, Joel Powell, Kurt Mitchell, Tom Young, Charles Pettaway; Pianist extraordinaire Ojeda Penn,Al Smith, Val Parker,William Green,Tony Waters,O. J. Harper,John Porter, Rod Kelley; Bassist Thomas Young; Saxophonists Rod Smith, Larry Jackson, Mike Burton, De Wayne Martin.

*Present Performance Groups:

- "MARVRAY...formatted!" ... Contemporary Jazz/Fusion & Neo Soul (ATL Based)

- "WIND SPIRIT" ... Contemporary Jazz (Washington, DC Based)

- "ABRAHAM'S SONS" ... Contemporary Jazz/Gospel (ATL Based)

- "JOHN PORTER & FRIENDS" ... Contemporary Jazz (ATL Based)


- MAPEX / Saturn Pro Drums; PAISTE Signature Cymbals; VIC FIRTH (7a/8a) Drum Sticks and Mallets; EVANS Drum Heads; AKG Drum Mics; MACKIE 16ch. w/Effects Powered Mixer; 10 or 12" JBL Powered Monitors. ----------


* My willingness to "Drive to Students Location", is based on the Student(s) willingness to *include additional Gas Money compensation (based on distance from A-B), having a suitable area to conduct the lesson, and the proper Gear... i.e. Personal Drum Kit - I usually reserve this for "Advanced Working Drummer's" in the Local ATL Area.

I take "Young Kids" from the age of 4 - up. Upon a thorough consult with Parent, it is determined if the prospective student would be a good candidate to study or not.

*** Students are recommended to study on a continuum, to accomplish prescribed goals of Performance ... preferably, every week. In the event of a pre-determined amount of "Coaching" for Advanced Students... compensation will be determined and assessed at the onset for the period covered.

**** In the event of a cancellation, a "Reschedule" within the scheduled week of the Lesson, and should be instituted by the Student or appropriate Parent/Guardian. In the event of a schedule conflict with Me/the Instructor, the same shall apply.

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Stockbridge, GA

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