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Susan Carlock
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Susan Carlock

What I teach

sight singing
ear training
music theory

I accept children as students.


Tuition based on 3 month terms is $455. Lessons are 60 minutes weekly.

My bio

Experienced teacher of 36years. Masters degree in piano/organ/music education. My students are beginning through advanced, including college prep for music majors. Teaching includes Solo repertoire, Piano Concertos, ensemble work, hymn playing, and accompanying. Technique and theory are a part of each lesson with two "formal" recitals a year. Nine years University level teaching experience. Scholarships available for summer camp through professional groups I belong to, as well as collegiate scholarships for students going into music. Students take one hour lessons weekly, regardless of age. Practice MUST be a daily commitment and you MUST have a piano in your home. Lessons are year round, excluding July. My students participate in OFMC Jr. Festival in multiple categories, winning over 50 gold cups accummulatively and receiving continual Superior ratings.


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