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Leo Page-Blau
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Leo Page-Blau

What I teach

french horn

I accept children as students.


My bio

Hey, I'm Leo Page-Blau. I'm going to San Francisco School of the Arts next year. I have been in the Golden Gate Philharmonic, The Sunset Youth Symphony and am currently in Oakland Youth Orchestra. I play a Conn 8D and live in San Francisco.


I teach all beginners, any age, and anyone age 6-13. I would be great for someone who is starting the french horn in elementary or middle school. I also charge much less then other teachers you could find, and am flexible, so I would be great for a family on a budget, or who just wants to save money. I, depending on your location, could go to your house, and provide a horn.

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San Francisco, CA

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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