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Joseph Vance
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Joseph Vance

What I teach

rudimental percussion
drum set
sight singing
ear training
music theory
digital recording
music technology
music software
music production
music appreciation
electric guitar
acoustic guitar

I accept children as students.


$25 per 30 min/$50 per hour

My bio

My name is Joseph, and I am a musician! I have instructed privately for 10 years, and my my main focus has been to help my students understand the essential nuances of music theory which, when understood correctly, ensures a lifetime of musical appreciation.

However, I understand the need for pointers, tips, help with specific techniques, and I am happy to assist individuals with particular techniques, compositional devices, and even just help learning a favorite song.

Having performed privately and publicly for 15 years, I have experience on the stage, as well as experience working in a recording studio. Along with all of this, I am versed in Musicians Institute's, Berklee's, and Juliard's curriculum, along with being very familiar with classical instruction and technique. I am currently acquiring a working knowledge of jazz guitar, and soon will offer instruction in this wonderful area, as well.

My website is http://www.josephandmusic.webs.com - here I have posted my availability, my services and fees structure, and a whole lot more! I can be reached privately at joseph.vance@live.com - this email I check at the beginning of the week, and the end - feel free to contact me through this website, my own website, or via email. I instruct privately at Art Is, a private music and arts studio located in Shelbyville, Kentucky. I do, as well, travel to my students upon occasion. I am happy to be very flexible!

No matter whom your final choice for instruction is, please remember that you are your own instructor - all we instructors do is open a door that you must walk through, and then your journey truly begins! Warmest regards!


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Shelbyville , KY

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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