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Marie-Pierre Labelle
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Marie-Pierre Labelle

What I teach

music theory

I accept children as students.


25$ for 30 minutes / 30$ for 45 minutes / 35$ for 1 hour

My bio

I've been teaching for eight years now (seven years at Ecole the musique Vincent-d'Indy), and I'm taking psychology classes at UdeM to study in music therapy in Concordia next year.


For the first year, you can either pay me at the beginning or the end of each course, or pay me in advance with a cheque for half the year.

For the next years, it is recommended you pay me with a cheque.

I teach kids of 4 years old and older, I also teach adults.

I expect parents to take part : until their kids are 12 years old, the parents should keep an eye on their practice; they should also come to the concert I usually organize at the beginning of the summer.

No music background is necessary; I teach beginners and intermediate students.

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Montreal, QC, Canada

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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