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John Sims
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John Sims

What I teach

music theory
jazz improvisation
bass guitar
double bass

I accept children as students.


$30 for an hour, $20 for a half an hour

My bio

John played his first professional gig at 16 years old. John thrives on playing music, whether Classical or Jazz. John was a member of the 2006 Arizona All-state Jazz band, as well as a member of the Young Sounds of Arizona from 2005-2007 and is featured on their most recent CD. John picked up the bass in 2004, switching to upright two years later and then placing second in the first annual Arizona Bass Players Concerto Competition in 2008. John has performed with nationally recognized artists Pete Christlieb, Rebecca Mauleon, Carl Saunders, Butch Miles, Jacob Koller, Michael Kocour, Nick Manson, Eric Alexander, Eric Schneider, Joel Spencer, Dick Oatts, Eric Rasmussen as well as many other talented musicians.


I am 22 years old, and have a passion for teaching music. Please contact me if you need referrals or recommendations! I just had a student in the 2009 all state jazz band and organized a musical event for the 2010 Highland Jazz Festival.

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Tempe, AZ

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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