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Michael Santander
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Michael Santander

What I teach


I accept children as students.


$20/ Half Hour. $35/ Full Hour

My bio

My name is Michael Santander and I teach you how to play the cello!

My Teaching Background:

I attended Northern Arizona University for Music Education. I have taught private lessons for over 6 years in Arizona and welcome students of all ages. I have performed in operas, symphonies, chamber orchestras, recording projects, and even rock and roll as well as direction and conducting of string orchestras and symphonies.

My Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that every players motivation and intention with playing music is different. My goal as a teacher has always been to push the student in the direction that he/she wants to go. Music should always challenge us to be better, but most importantly, it is important that you are having fun doing it.

Rates And Availability:

My lessons take place out of Beaver's Band Box on Broadway (http://www.BeaversBandBoxOnline.com) and are scheduled in 1/2 hour slots. Check Beaver's website for information on contacting me for lessons!


G. ... G is a Note.

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