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Charyl Granatella
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Charyl Granatella

What I teach

musical theater voice
classical voice
music theory

I accept children as students.


$30/45-60 minutes

My bio

Mrs. Granatella was born right here in Milwaukee and has lived here all her life. She went to school in West Allis, where she marched in the band playing trumpet, learned to play piano, played Fr. Horn in the orchestra and was in choir. Then, on to college, to UWM, to study Music Education. On the way to the Education degree she was sidetracked to the Dance Department and added Dance Major to the Music Education degree. It was a smart move because Mrs. Granatella worked her way through college accompanying dance classes. After college Mrs. Granatella was hired as an Elementary General Music Specialist in MPS that lasted 17 years in 23 schools. Charyl Granatella was the first music teacher at Golda Meir School, but at the end the load of 1300 students per week that became too much. Mrs. Granatella moved to Prairie School in Waukesha. She taught 15 more years before retiring. She was the co-founding director of the Milwaukee Children’s Choir and worked with Emily Crocker for 15 years. Mrs. Granatella continues to work with Emily Crocker in developing young people's voices at the Vocal Arts Academy of Milwaukee, a new musical program for children grades 3-12. Mrs. Granatella works for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra organization at Glen Hills Middle School* as an ACE Collaborator and a docent trainer. She has earned a Master's Degree in Education with emphasis in Kodaly Certificate and Gifted and Talented. She writes and researches for a music education magazine, John Jacobson's “Music Express��? published by Hal Leonard Corp. Mrs. Granatella has been a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Chorus for 30 years and has served as a member of the professional chore for 12 years. She has two grown sons who are also musicians and enjoys her grandchildren and their many pursuits.

Mrs. Granatella maintains a private teaching studio on the South Side of Milwaukee. She accepts students from ages 10 to adult.


I teach at my home studio. One block south of Oklahoma Ave.

I am well-respected as a teacher of children from ages 8-adult.

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