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Wendy Campisi
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Wendy Campisi

What I teach


I accept children as students.


$90.00 monthly-(reguardless of if there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month)

My bio

Hi there! My name is Wendy Campisi, and I love having fun with my students while teaching! There are many things I consider while determining the best method of teaching my students.

I approach teaching methods with the belief that moderation and balance, along with adapting teaching style according to my student's most effective learning style. Some students progress comfortably with ear training or listening, while others learn with more emphasis on sight-reading music. Each student has a unique preferable learning style, and I work with them in order to teach in a way that they will understand, progress, and find enjoyable. I have observed in my students that when they are learning in a comfortable way, they experience a sense of accomplishment and become confident with their new skills.

I have a great deal of patience and understanding, helping people progress at their own pace. I am dedicated to helping each student learn and progress to their best ability. I provide encouragement and enthusiasm with instruction to make lessons fun and rewarding!


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Rocklin, CA

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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