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Oana Tomai
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Oana Tomai

What I teach

music appreciation
music theory
ear training
sight singing
classical voice

I accept children as students.


$35 for 1/2 hr/ $69 for 1 hr

My bio

Hello, I am an experienced and passionate pianist and music teacher. I have performed in such venues as Benaroya Hall Seattle WA and Aspen School of Music. I have earned my Doctorate in Musical Arts in Piano Performance at #1 ranked Eastman School of Music. All levels and ages are welcome! I am eager to help you reach your goals whether you are just starting out or you are already a seasoned performer. I have a flexible teaching schedule and we can find a mutually convenient time for lessons. If you'd rather have the lesson at your home, I can offer you Skype lessons. Lessons online might be convenient and in my experience they can work really well. Try them and you'll see if they're a good fit for you. Or, opt for lessons in my studio equipped with a superb Steinway grand piano. I love literature, poetry and traveling. Lessons will not be dry but full of references to living experiences and culture. Music will not be lofty and unreachable but rather a direct part of your every day life. Happy music making!


Lessons for adults and teenagers: In the first lesson we will get to know each other. I will answer your questions, get to know you and your goals and will look into the best initial repertoire for you. I am very open to communication so the lesson will always feel like collaborative and ideas exchange work. You will also receive detailed advice in a notebook so that when you reach home you will know what are your goals for your next lesson.

Lessons for children: Teaching children is one of my specialties. I have worked with children as young as 4 years old! Over the last 15 years I have taught music to hundreds of children in both academic and private settings. I studied the Kodaly Method for teaching children and in tone with that I incorporate play and fun as well as a particular structured curriculum fit for young children so they will feel naturally attracted and develop affection for playing the piano and learning music.

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