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Ingo Stahl
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Ingo Stahl

What I teach

acoustic guitar
fingerstyle acoustic guitar
classical guitar
electric guitar
jazz guitar
jazz improvisation
music theory
ear training
pop, rock, jazz voice

I accept children as students.


200kr/30min, 300kr/45, 400kr/60min

My bio


I am a 28-year old professional singer, guitarist and songwriter and I love teaching. I graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz/Pop Voice at the Hochschule für Musik Köln (with additional studies at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki and at the Popkurs 2012, Hamburg) and have been playing guitar for almost exactly 20 years now. I regularly perform in Denmark and Germany, both with my band and as a solo artist. Since 2004, I have taught guitar and voice to a wide range of students, reaching from kids to dads and from beginners to professionals.

Does your daughter or son want to start with guitar lessons?

Do you want to play along with your favorite songs?

Are you interested in playing the blues and learning how to improvise?

Are you a singer-songwriter? Would you like to have personal coaching which focuses on the challenges of singer/songwriters specifically? We'll be working on individual technique on both "instruments" as well as "multi-tasking", songwriting, lyrics, stage performance, etc.

I'll always stay flexible, so we can work on what's most important and interesting for you at any given time.


We can hold our lessons in English or German (my danish isn't fluent yet), and they can be at your or my place. If we meet at your place I'll add 50kr per session to make up for the travel time and costs.

My prices are

200kr for a 30min lesson

300kr for a 45min lesson

400kr for a 60min lesson

Feel free to call or e-mail me with questions!

You can listen to my music on




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My contact info

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Copenhagen, Denmark

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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