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Matt Torrence
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Matt Torrence

What I teach

jazz piano
electric piano
drum set
music theory
digital recording
analog recording
music production
jazz improvisation
jazz guitar
electric guitar
classical guitar
bass guitar
fingerstyle acoustic guitar
acoustic guitar

I accept children as students.



My bio

Hello, everyone! My name is Matt Torrence, but I’m also known as The Music Teacher Guy. Welcome to my site and thanks so much for visiting. I offer one-on-one musical instruction, all in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home.

With private music lessons in your home, you’ll spend no time and no gas driving to and from the music store, lesson studio, or instructor’s home. You’ll never have to sit in traffic, you’ll never have to rush to get there on time, and you’ll never have to wait in the car during your child’s lesson.

There are no contracts to sign – only a commitment of one month at a time is required. My rates are also very competitive. You’ll pay less at MusicTeacherGuy.com than at most other music schools or services, even those who expect you to do the traveling. However, the quality of instruction and attention my music students receive is much higher. Additionally, I offer a FREE fifth music lesson during those months which contain five lesson days.

A little about me: I’ve been playing electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums since 1988, and I’ve been playing piano and keyboard for even longer. I have over 10 years of experience as full-time, private music teacher. My music students have been as old as 4 and as young as seventy-four, and of many different levels of ability.

Many of my students start as brand-new, clean-slate beginners with absolutely no musical knowledge and no prior playing experience. We begin with the basic fundamentals, and I teach them to speak the traditional language of music and to read standard musical notation. I also educate my students in the proper performance techniques to employ in their approach to their instrument.

Some students come to me with more specific goals and aims. My familiarity with many musical styles allows me to also provide more specialized instruction. I’ve spent over a decade studying and analyzing a wide and diverse range of popular musical genres, from rock to jazz, folk to heavy metal, blues to classical, funk to country, Latin to R&B, and so on.

Perhaps you’d like guitar lessons to sound legit playing in a punk rock outfit or to learn some exotic scales to make your metal guitar solos more interesting. You might need drum lessons to grasp the right way to pound the skins in a reggae band. Maybe your desire is to discover how the singer-songwriters of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s used the keyboard and the acoustic guitar to write their songs and accompany themselves. You may be interested in bass lessons to unlock the mystery of how a walking bass line in jazz is constructed, or you may want piano lessons to find out how to improvise a hip arrangement of a popular tune from only notes and chord symbols on a lead sheet.

So if you think you might enjoy private music lessons in your home, please send me a note. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you again for visiting my profile.


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Blue Bell, PA

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