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David De Silva
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David De Silva

What I teach

ear training
music theory
bass guitar

I accept children as students.


125/month 30 minute lesson every week: www.youtube.com/bassbaby82

My bio

I have been teaching bass and music theory for a number of years now and I have the knowledge and chops necessary to get you to your highest potential. I am also a working musician so I have the knowledge necessary to teach you all aspects of the instrument including: chops and technique, musicianship, music theory, ear training, timing, groove and chart and sheet music reading. Another thing I teach which I feel is very important is understanding melody, how the bass works within the melody and how to melodically compliment the melody instrument with your bass line. Give me a call or shoot me an email. Some examples of my playing can be found at: www.youtube.com/bassbaby82.

Hope to talk to you soon.



I teach all ages beginner to advanced. All lessons done at the Willow Music School on Lincoln Ave in downtown Willow Glen.

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San Jose, CA

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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