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David  Betz
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David Betz

What I teach

music appreciation


300$ an hour

My bio

I think i'm going to the university of manitoba right now, although i'm not entierly sure. Most of my time spent there is annoying people by pretending that i'm a student in the Faculty of music as a Ukulele major. I'm not sure why I keep doing it, but it's the last place on earth that may accept a ukulele/harmonica virtuoso. I just hope no one phones the police while I am doing my daily rounds at the Faculty!!


This site suggests that I should mention things about my methods of teaching, like what level I teach, or if I give a free trial period.

1. There are no harmonica/Ukulele students other then beginners. Remember that.

2. Do I look like a Cable TV Station? No Free Trial Periods.

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My testimonials

This guy is Pretty Sweet. He taught me how to play the ukulele with style! — Jesus C.

David taught me to play the harmonica and pillage at the same time. Death by music, I love it. — Kengis K.

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