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Jameson Forsythe
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Jameson Forsythe

What I teach

french horn
music appreciation
music theory
ear training
sight singing
classical voice

I accept children as students.


$20 for 30 min, $30 for 60 min, $5 gas surcharge for inhome lessons.

My bio

Jameson studied music at the University of Connecticut School of Music from 2003-2008. There he had the privlege of working with excellent teachers and music educators such as Jim Ackley, Jeffrey Renshaw, Alain Frogley, and Charles Schlueter.

He currently is the music director for QuickChange productions, a North Haven based production company that specializes in childrens shows.

Jameson can be heard performing throughout Connecticut.


First 60 minutes are free.

Although children are welcome, I would ask they be at least age 6.

I teach beginners through early college proficiency.

Each lesson is based on the individual and each lesson is different.

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My contact info

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Hamden, CT

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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