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Trevor Teuscher
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Trevor Teuscher

What I teach

music theory
music technology
alto horn
french horn
music appreciation
music software

I accept children as students.



My bio

Trevor is the owner of Teuscher Band Instrument Repair and is also the technician. He has been involved in band instrument repair in one capacity or another since 1995, when he was attending the Band Instrument Repair program at Red Wing Technical College (now called Minnesota State College, Southeast Technical), in Red Wing, Minnesota.

In addition to Teuscher Band Instrument Repair, Trevor has worked at Summerhays Music Center in Murray, UT, Mozingo Music in Ellisville, MO, and occasionally with Carl Thacker and Travis Thacker of Carl's Professional Band Instrument Repair in Bloomington, IL.

Not only does Trevor hold a diploma in Band Instrument Repair from Red Wing Technical College, but he also holds a BA from Utah State University in Music Education and an MM from Illinois State University in Music Composition, with an emphasis in Arts Technology.

Trevor grew up in Cache Valley and graduated from Logan High School in 1987. He played trumpet/cornet in band in jr. high school and high school. In college, he also played French horn, mellophone, euphonium and recorder in various ensembles. He has played in all types of musical groups: symphonic band, wind ensemble, jazz band, orchestra, pep band, marching band, recorder ensembles, and small ensembles, such as brass quintets, woodwind quintets, brass bands, etc. He has also sung in various choirs and jazz choirs. Most recently, while living in Illinois and Missouri, he played in the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band, a Civil War reenactment brass band that plays on instruments actually made during the Mid-19th Century and dresses in authentic reproduction uniforms from the American Civil War. The band plays in reenactments and other historical events all over the Midwest. In this band, he played either Bb cornet or the Eb alto horn. During this time Trevor learned to restore antique instruments, as well as work on modern instruments.

Trevor enjoys virtually all types of music and likes to collect an eclectic selection of recordings from classical to rock & roll and beyond. He also likes to attend performances all all types of music. In addition to music, Trevor enjoys reading (especially Science Fiction and Fantasy), watching movies, and spending time with his family.


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