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Alexander Randall
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Alexander Randall

What I teach

ear training
music theory
digital recording
analog recording
music technology
music software
jazz improvisation
jazz guitar
flamenco guitar
electric guitar
classical guitar
bass guitar
fingerstyle acoustic guitar
acoustic guitar


$25 One month tuition (4 or 5 weeks), in advance due of month.

My bio

PROFESSIONAL GUITAR INSTRUCTION Over 20 years teaching and performing experience.

Professional Guitarist offering private Guitar & Bass lessons.

Time slots at my private teaching/recording studio (Bucks County, PA) available.

All levels. Kids are welcome! Beginner-intermediate and ADVANCED.


Check available times here: http://www.professionalguitarteacher.com/skypelessons.html

When you first start playing any instrument do not waste valuable time and money.

Do not BARGIN shop for a guitar teacher. You GET what you pay for!

And your results or lack there of will show it!

Learning correctly from the start and building necessary foundation skills will save you from forming debilitating bad habits and techniques.

Bad Technique leads most to great frustration and giving up the instrument.

If your guitar playing and study is currently in a rut? Let me help you change that. All students have a personal, organized practice system to follow that works towards achieving their individual goals, exposing their weak points and making them strengths.

Are you leaving lessons more confused than when you came, due to disorganized, hap-hazard teaching methods?

In my studio you will Focus on:

- Technique Exercises,

- Music Theory,

- Scales,

- Arpeggios,

- Chords,

- Sight-reading,

- Ear training

+ and their applications to Improvisation and Composition. +

Learn to play ANYTHING! I teach most styles of music.

Lessons are individually tailored to meet each students specific needs.

Students are shown how to play the songs they wish to learn note for note exactly as the artist played them.

Of course, simplified versions are presented to beginners if the original music is too complex.

Special CD's of the material studied are created in my recording studio allowing the student to practice along with the music at different speeds while still maintaining the original pitch of the music.

Ear training exercises, modal, scale, arpeggio, improvising, and many other "extras" are also given to students on CD to study with.

This creates a working MUSICAL environment for the student where theoretical playing concepts can be put to immediate, practical use.

I come highly recommended by public/private schoolteachers, parents, and ex-students, for the simple reason that I get results. Many of my students start from scratch and become working professionals.

Former students have acquired college scholarships into prestigious colleges like BERKLEE school of music.

Let my decades of successfully training guitarists to play at their highest level work for you!

If I am not located in your area, or there were no openings at the time of your inquiry. please click on the "Choosing a teacher" option on the front page of my web site, to help you find a qualified and competent teacher.

Please call Alexander: 267-939-1722




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(Holland - Newtown - Richboro – Churchville), PA



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