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Ruth Ann Moline Ames
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Ruth Ann Moline Ames

What I teach

music theory

I accept children as students.


$40/half hour, $70/hr

My bio

I received my Master's in Music in performance from San Jose State University in May 2009. I've studied piano with Dr. Gwendolyn Mok and Mrs. Barbara Aguila. My performing experience is extensive, both as a soloist and accompanist. I've been teaching since 2005, focusing mainly on children. I also accompany high school choirs and musical theater on a regular basis.


My students include all ages and all skill levels: children through adults, beginning through advanced. Children should be able to read. Lessons are 30-45 minutes weekly. Primarily, I teach at my students' homes, in West San Jose/Campbell and the Evergreen area of San Jose. Students need to have a tuned piano, or a keyboard with weighted keys.

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Central San Jose, CA

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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