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Jan Pedersen Schiff
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Jan Pedersen Schiff

What I teach


I accept children as students.


$50/half hour - $95/hour - Discount offered for multiple lesson packages

My bio

JAN PEDERSEN SCHIFF is a professional singiner, conductor, composer, and master teacher. She has a B.A.in Music Education, and a M.M in Conducting and Vocal Pedagogy. Her background includes teaching voice and choral conducting at several colleges throughout the US before moving to the SF Bay area. She has served as an adjudicator and clinician for local and national festivals, Today she is Founder/Artistic Director of SingersMarin, a nonprofit performaing arts organization for youth and adults: www.singersmarin.org


About the voice lessons... Care is given to address the specific desires and needs of each individual student, whether child or adult, amateur or professional. Students learn to understand and control the specific muscles that are a part of the vocal instrument. In general, the areas covered include: more breath for longer phrases; expanding the vocal range; eliminating the "break"; greater volume; more beautiful tone quality, etc.

About the conducting lessons... Basics of conducting patterns are mastered, with attention to posture and proper gestures for cuing, breath, cut-offs, rehearsal techniques, etc.

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