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Amber McNeilly
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Amber McNeilly

What I teach

music theory
music appreciation
electric guitar
classical guitar
bass guitar

I accept children as students.


Please contact me for rates and availability

My bio

My entire life has revolved around music. My mother informs me I even used to kick to the beat of music while she was still pregnant with me.

I began taking piano lessons from my grandmother at about age 4, but as I've seen in pictures, I had been playing her piano at an even earlier age.

I started playing guitar around age 12 or 13 and took voice lessons on and off throughout my childhood.

I've played in a number musical productions--West Side Story, 42nd Street and a few small parts in other various musicals and plays.

In high school, I participated in vocal IMEA contests and continued on to the state performances every year.

I participated in the Illinois Guitar League competitions as well and scored high enough to be awarded first place.

I continued my music education in gradeschool, highschool and college with classes including music theory, music appreciation, ear training, sight reading,and so on. I continue to learn more and more everyday and wish to pass on my musical knowledge to anyone interested in learning.


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La Salle-Peru-Oglesby-Granville-Ottawa-Oswego-Spring Valley-Ladd-Cherry (Illinois Valley & Outlying Areas), IL

I am willing to teach at the student's residence.



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