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Carl Atilano
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Carl Atilano

What I teach

classical guitar

I accept children as students.


$150/month ~ $30.00 - 37.50 per lesson

My bio

Carl Atilano is a young, talented guitarist and composer living and serving in the San Francisco Bay area. Born in Caracas, Venezuela and coming to this country in 1989, Carl has always been surrounded by music. His parents are both music teachers and have instilled in him musical knowledge and skill from a very young age where he progressed quickly in learning the trumpet.

However, the guitar is a fairly recent endeavor. Carl has shown his skill in playing a variety of styles with precision, skill, and musicality. He studied jazz guitar at Fullerton College and Citrus College where he played in the top ranked groups and even went on an international tour to Japan and Maui for a month, playing three times a day, every day.

Arriving to the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2007, he began serious study in the world of classical guitar, taking lessons from both Bill Coulter and Mesut Ozgen. During this time, he went from being a complete beginner in the style to being one of the top classical guitar performers at the school, earning numerous scholarships and receiving honors upon his graduation in 2009.

As a composer, he completed his first composition during his middle school years which the music was far too advanced for the school band to play. He has since composed several guitar quartets, solo lap-slide guitar pieces, chamber works, orchestral works, as well as numerous electro-acoustic compositions. His compositions focus on the non-traditional sound world of music beyond standard instrumentation, technique, and conception.

Currently, Carl lives in Santa Cruz, California, teaching, composing, and performing. He plans on going to graduate school to study composition and eventually teach at a university.


If you are a full-time college student, I offer a student discount ($100) per month which is approximately $20-$25 per lesson.

I charge a travel fee if it takes longer than 30 mins driving depending where your residence is.

I also teach aural perception, music theory, and harmony if you are in need of a tutor.

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Santa Cruz, CA

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